B.S. Report: Two-Part Super Bowl Podcast

You know what’s good luck for a Patriots Super Bowl win? Flying to the host city a few days early, bringing my buddy House, and taping multiple podcasts from the Bud Light Hotel. I know it sounds like a weird superstition, but I’ve been doing it since 2001, even before podcasts were invented.

Today’s two-parter kicked off with the NFL Network’s Mike Lombardi talking about Sunday’s game, Peyton Manning’s next stop and who is the worst possible Redskins QB to revile House. Then reality czar David Jacoby reviewed The Challenge and the Souper Bowl.

You can find Part 1 ESPN.com Podcenter and on iTunes.

In Part 2, ESPN.com’s Adam Schefter talked about the Super Bowl and the life of an NFL beat guy, House went into a diabetic food coma, then Jacoby came back to discuss The Bachelor and ABC’s policy of blurcling erections during skinny dips.

That’s when House demanded to be fed and we ended the podcast. We’re coming back tomorrow with TWO more podcasts! By the way, I love Indianapolis and want to move here.

Here’s a link to Part 2 on the ESPN.com Podcenter, or you can find it on iTunes.

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