ALERT: America's Team Got Some New Uniforms

NBA Motor City

Pictured above are the new alternate jerseys for the Detroit Pistons, a.k.a. Detroit Rack City, a.k.a. America’s Team. Here’s Greg Monroe introducing them on Instagram:

Oh man, Greg Monroe is just FULL of personality. He’s a rock star.

But yeah, as for the jerseys … what do you think?

One the one hand, we support any movement to officially make the Pistons a point of civic pride for the city of Detroit. The current financial crisis is just a prelude to Andre Drummond and Coach Sheed saving the Motor City. Likewise, this could be an important step for NBA uniforms, in general. If the Wizards change their name back to the Bullets and start rocking “Chocolate City” alternates, we’ll all be eternally indebted to the Detroit Motor City Pistons.

On the other hand, these jerseys would be much cooler if they said Detroit vs. Everybody. As it stands, they kind of look like one of those sad off-brand jerseys you might buy at a department store. So, you know, that’s not ideal.

Most important: There’s Pistons news this week, so of course we’re bringing it to you, because The Triangle is committed to covering America’s Team from top to bottom, all year long. Go Pistons, Go America.

Go Motor City.

Tony Mitchell vs. Everybody.

Andrew Sharp is a staff editor at Grantland.

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