Posts by Peter Richmond

  • Shaun Rogers

    On the Signing of a Giant

    Shaun Rogers, football bodies, and the new NFL fandom.

  • Todd Haley

    Someone Still Wants You, Todd Haley

    Second chances aren’t only possible in pro sports, they’re pretty much guaranteed. At least that seems to be true for coaches, unless you’re Jim Fassel, whose Las Vegas Locos, by the way, lost the United Football League title to Marty Schottenheimer’s expansion Virginia Destroyers this year — after which Schottenheimer was interviewed for the Buccaneers’ […]

  • Naismith

    A Post-Lockout Trip to the Basketball Hall of Fame

    “People get to keep their jobs — that’s all I was concerned about,” Don Young said on Saturday morning, standing a few feet away from a small, illuminated case that held one of Pete Maravich’s socks. Don’s a design engineer for Cablevision in the Bronx. He came up to Springfield to maybe be reminded that […]

  • Al Davis

    Al, the Raiders, and Me

    Remembering the legendary Oakland owner.

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick

    Can Ryan Fitzpatrick Save Buffalo?

    The City of Light is a proud town — one that needs a reason to hope again.

  • Birds Nest

    The Architecture of Disaster

    New York City goes 0-3 with its new stadiums. Why can’t Americans build arenas anymore?