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  • Life’s a Beach House

    Burrowing into the world of Baltimore’s beloved dream-pop duo.

  • The ‘Real’ DFW: Three Visions of David Foster Wallace

    The acclaimed author has been posthumously rendered three different times, including in a new movie.

  • Silent No More

    With two films about an Indonesian genocide, the Oscar-nominated ‘The Act of Killing’ and this month’s ‘The Look of Silence,’ director Joshua Oppenheimer — aided by an anonymous codirector — shines light on an unspeakable tragedy.

  • Girls in Trucks

    In 2015, female country artists are stymied by the radio industrial complex at a stunning rate. Why is the genre so bro-centric? And can it ever change?

  • Know Thyself: Why Are Billy Crystal and Josh Gad Starring in ‘The Comedians,’ an Adaptation of an Obscure Swedish Meta-Sitcom?

    An unlikely new show trods over old showbiz ground, but does so with new source material.

  • The Woman Who Froze in Fargo

    The new movie ‘Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter’ tells the story of a Japanese woman on a quest for riches who was lured to the brutal cold of the Midwest by a Coen brothers film. The woman was real, even if the story isn’t entirely true. And it’s been told before, by a documentarian. So where is the line between fact and fiction, and just how strong is it?

  • American Haiku: The Brilliant Ads of Errol Morris

    In his documentaries, Morris is known for staging and re-creation, for artifice. But in this case he’s shooting an ad, and in his ads, he has the paradoxical yen for something, well, real.

  • Action Figure

    He was a blue Na’vi in ‘Avatar’ and Ken in ‘Street Fighter.’ He’s worked alongside Jackie Chan, Ant-Man, and the Power Rangers. If you own a PlayStation, you may have killed him at some point. But he doesn’t mind — that’s his job. Meet Reuben Langdon, motion-capture stuntman and resident of the future.

  • The Man Who Built Gotham and Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’ 25 Years Later

    Anton Furst’s Gotham, from Tim Burton’s ‘Batmand,’ would never exist now, at least not on the same scale or with the same focus.

  • Nathan Fielder’s Awkward Moment

    A glimpse into the brilliant, unusual, and unnerving style of the star of Comedy Central’s ‘Nathan for You.’

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