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  • Gus Johnson

    Gus Johnson on Gus Johnson (and Andrew Luck)

    “Shucks, I don’t even know, man!” Gus Johnson cackled, as he struggled to describe his recent move from CBS to FOX. “It just feels good.” “It’s pure,” he said. “How about that?”

  • Wonks: Strasburg Fever is Real, Even in the Minors

    Monday was a lovely night for baseball in Hagerstown, Md.: clear skies and 76 degrees for three innings of Stephen Strasburg. That might explain how a team in the Class A South Atlantic League drew a crowd of 1,652 fans. But this was Stephen Strasburg! Of course 1,652 people would come to watch him. And […]

  • Georgetown Brawl

    Behind the Georgetown Basketball Brawl Video

    Tim Burke’s day started pretty early on Thursday. Not long after the 32-year-old SportsGrid video editor woke up, he was frantically searching online for a two-minute clip that sports fans around the world wanted to watch. SportsGrid’s video, an on-court brawl between Georgetown and the Bayi Rockets, had been viewed more than 666,000 times by […]

  • You Ever See a Bumper Sticker on a Maybach?

    This past weekend, inside a pop-up gallery in SoHo, a black Maybach was on display. This wasn’t just any black Maybach. It was doorless and roofless, and yet its console remained as pristine as the storefront’s white brick walls. It was, in fact, the same souped-up car from the video for “Otis,” the first single […]

  • Rasheed Wallace

    At the NC Pro-Am: The Rucker of the South

    “When Rasheed walks in,” said Erroll Reese, an organizer of the Greater North Carolina Pro-Am, “everyone’s all like, ‘Sheeeeeeeeeeed.’ You’ll see.”

  • Enes Kanter

    What GMs don’t know about the NBA Draft

    At some point during Thursday night’s NBA draft, Commissioner David Stern will mosey up to the lectern at the Prudential Center and announce, “We have a trade.” During the past five drafts, teams have made 64 trades. They have traded established NBA players, college players, and international players. They have traded the second overall pick […]