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  • A Very Serious Discussion About Baseball Nicknames

    Why do you think it took Bert “No Nickname” Blyleven so many years to get into the Hall of Fame while Andre “The Hawk” Dawson waltzed in? Because Dawson had a cool nickname. Nicknames are a lost art. You’d think that in an age of myriad user names and social media handles, our nicknames would’ve […]

  • Don’t Make Me Hate You, Detroit Tigers

    While watching the Tigers sweep the Red Sox this past weekend, a thought entered my brain — more than any other MLB team, the Tigers probably have the best odds of becoming a dynasty this decade. And that thought sickened me. Normally, I try to sit back and enjoy baseball games, without letting any weird […]

  • How to Stop the Bleeding (Before It Starts)

    Even good teams have their weak spots, but really good teams figure out a way to exercise damage control. The following four clubs, all projected to be in the 2012 playoff hunt, could each be sunk by some serious bombs on their Opening Day rosters. Below is a look at how they got into this […]