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  • The Right Reasons

    Juliet Litman and David Jacoby go deep on this week’s ‘Real World’ before reluctantly moving on to ‘Bachelor,’ ‘The Challenge,’ and a few Bravo shows.

  • Rembert Explains – Chris Hayes

    MSNBC host Chris Hayes and Rembert Browne launch Season 2 with a discussion on the State of the Union address, ‘The Nightly Show,’ and the NBA’s unpredictable Eastern Conference.

  • Do You Like Prince Movies?

    This week Alex and Wesley rehash the Oscar nominations, discuss Sleater-Kinney’s new album, and attempt to stand up for Michael Mann’s ‘Blackhat.’

  • Andy Greenwald – Rainn Wilson

    Rainn Wilson joins Andy Greenwald to discuss his new Fox series, ‘Backstrom,’ as well as ‘The Office’ and his beloved Seattle Seahawks.

  • Grantland Pop Culture

    Molly Lambert is joined by Karina Longworth and Amy Nicholson to discuss Madonna’s acting career, David Fincher’s prowess at directing dancers, and Fox’s ‘Empire.’

  • The Moment – Amy Schumer

    Amy Schumer, groundbreaking comedian, on what she loves and hates about her life right now.

  • The Right Reasons

    David Jacoby and Juliet Litman break down this week’s ‘Bachelor,’ ‘Challenge,’ and ‘Real World.’

  • Do You Like Prince Movies?

    Alex and Wesley talk Fox’s ‘Empire’ and Ava DuVernay’s ‘Selma.’ Plus: Remembering the late, great ‘That Guy’ actor Taylor Negron.

  • Andy Greenwald – Simon Rich

    Andy Greenwald talks to author Simon Rich about writing for ‘Saturday Night Live’ and Rich’s new FXX series, ‘Man Seeking Woman.’

  • The Moment – Russell Peters

    Russell Peters, world-renowned comedian, on what it feels like to be on the outside looking in despite all of his success.

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