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I know we’re not supposed to bitch about the NBA lockout anymore, but one thing still gnaws at me: The shortened 66-game season and a three-week whirlwind of transactions caused the Las Vegas books to say, “Screw it, we’re not posting over/under wins totals this year.” How dare they! I repeat … HOW DARE THEY! How could they forget that, right before every season, my buddy Joe House and I pick every NBA over/under on the BS Report? Now what? What about us?

We audibled by flying House to Los Angeles, dragging him into the BS Report studio and forcing him to play “Closest to the Pin” with me in a special two-part podcast. Fine, dragging and forcing weren’t involved — he couldn’t have been more delighted to join us, especially after we pumped three pounds of Chinese food into his body right before the taping. What’s “Closest to the Pin?” We predicted the exact win totals of every NBA team. Did it take two hours spread over two parts? Of course it did! Is there video? Actually, yes!

You can listen to Part 1 (Eastern Conference) on ESPN.com’s Podcenter or on iTunes.

You can listen to Part 2 (Western Conference) on ESPN.com’s Podcenter or on iTunes.

And if you wanted to see House’s snazzy D.C. hat or two guys yell at each other, here’s a video …



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