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We went back to simpler times on the BS Report today … you know, those days when there were two winter sports to discuss and we needed to split a podcast up into two parts to properly cover both of them.

In Part 1, Yahoo!’s Greg Wyshynski (of Puck Daddy fame) came on to discuss Alex Ovechkin’s mysterious disappearance this season, Sid the Kid’s comeback, the rejuvenated Bruins, his hatred for shootouts, his fetish for Russian goon videos, whether it is smart to have two good goalies, Tyler Seguin vs. Taylor Hall, whether the Maple Leafs are for real, whether hockey fans are the best fans in sports, and how weird it is that I suddenly have opinions on many of these things. Here’s the ESPN.com PodCenter link and iTunes link for Part 1.

In Part 2, we called my buddy Joe House to have our long-awaited Red-and-Andy/Mexico hug about the end of the NBA lockout, then tried to predict what the next three weeks might look like even though it’s been so long that we could barely remember who this month’s free agents are and what the new rules were. We also talked about whether we like the shorter schedule, whether there’s a guaranteed “smart” title pick for Vegas purposes right now, where Nene and Marc Gasol might be going, which teams might be able to sneakily improve themselves with a couple of shrewd signings, and whether House was even qualified to be appearing on this podcast after calling O.J. Mayo “J.J. Mayo.” It’s an action-packed romp and we’re delighted to have the NBA back, even if I’m still pissed off that the league went away for five months. Here’s the ESPN.com PodCenter link and iTunes link for Part 2.

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