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After being briefly imprisoned for destroying his living room and threatening his neighbors after Sunday night’s Cowboys loss, we posted bail for Cousin Sal in time for us to play one of America’s 750 favorite running podcast gimmicks: “Guess the Weekly NFL Lines.”

Sal kicked my butt in Week 1; could I rally back for Week 2? We also discussed things like, “Are there any teams we can write off after Week 1?” and “Can Tom Brady walk on water?” And Sal played an embarrassing voicemail that I apparently left him from the future.

After that, TV critic Alan Sepinwall joined me to wrap up Season Hate- er, 8 of Entourage, rehash the brilliant second season of Louie and figure out if there are any new fall TV shows that excite us. (The answer: Not really.) We both agreed on one thing: That we can live the rest of our lives happily knowing that Turtle finally has something for himself.

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