A Quick Note About NBA Music Videos and Victor Oladipo

In case you missed it Monday, Jason Gallagher put together the NBA Music Video Awards, and they were spectacular. Just the sheer variety of selections — Russell Westbrook singing Taylor Swift, Leandro Barbosa’s “All Night Long” cackle, Dirk singing Springsteen, LeBron mumbling “Stayin’ Alive,” all things Pau Gasol — made it a perfect testament to everything that’s great about the NBA.

But we forgot something.

I saw it this morning on Grantland’s Facebook page, where commenter Brian Pearl brought us this Victor Oladipo video.

Couple instant reactions:

1. This happened when he was only a freshman at Indiana? Look at him command the room!

2. How had I not seen this before? Why wasn’t this the only highlight video shown before the NBA draft last year? How was Victor Oladipo allowed to participate in All-Star Weekend without also performing this during All-Star Saturday Night? These are questions that have no good answers.

3. There’s no way he’s really singing … but he is, right?

4.  And what a performer. What a star. It’s not just that he has the talent, but he knows how to sell it.



Now you know. Now we all know. All hail Victor Oladipo, R&B sensation.

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