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‘Do You Like Prince Movies?’ Podcast: ‘Mr. Robot,’ ‘Show Me a Hero,’ the Weeknd, and More

Alex and Wesley discuss the finales of ‘Mr. Robot’ and ‘Show Me a Hero,’ plus Alex Gibney’s Steve Jobs documentary and The Weeknd’s ‘Beauty Behind the Madness.’

This week, Alex and Wesley finish their conversations about Mr. Robot and Show Me a Hero. (Wesley drops a secondhand theory about who might actually be who.) Then it’s on to Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine, a new documentary about the Apple founder’s dark side. It’s done damningly enough to make you reconsider your Apple products. They wrap up with some thoughts about the Weeknd’s new album, The Beauty Behind the Madness, an underwhelming batch of songs that could also have been titled The Man in the Machine.

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Here are links to topics discussed in this week’s show.

Mr. Robot and Show Me a Hero

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Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine

Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine, official site, 2015

“For better or worse, he tamed technology,” Boston Globe, October 7, 2011

Beauty Behind the Madness

He Wants You to Want Him: The Weeknd Chases Mainstream Stardom, Among Other Things,” Grantland, August 28, 2015

Jam of the Week

“Don’t Disturb This Groove,” The System, 1987