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I hate the Lakers. I don’t like Laker fans. I’ve been a Red Hot Chili Peppers fan since college.

Those three sentences don’t really mesh when it comes to the subject of Flea, a die-hard Lakers fan, Kobe defender and Celtics hater, as well as someone I’ve seen naked or nearly naked more times than anyone with the possible exception of myself. Buoyed by Kobe’s latest scoring renaissance, Flea agreed to come to the BS Report studio to talk about basketball, music, the similarities between basketball teams and bands, why some musicians are so afraid of success, why bands break up (or stay together), who’s the best player of all time, what kept the Chili Peppers humming all these years, who’s the best band he ever saw live, which NBA player would be his basketball doppelganger and a whole bunch of other good stuff. This turned out to be one of my favorite BS Reports ever — if Flea didn’t have to pee, we may not have ended it and we might still be going. If you’re a hoops fan and a music fan, carve out 90 minutes at some point and give it a listen on ESPN.com or iTunes. And if you want to watch a sneak peek, just look below.

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