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Rembert Explains America

Join our roving correspondent as he discovers the wonders of the contiguous 48 states

July 17: Roaming New Mexico’s White Sands

July 16: Texas. Forever.

July 12: Homeward Bound With Kevin Durant

July 10: The Glory of the Essence Music Festival

July 8: Searching for a New Jackson, Mississippi

July 3: Craig Brewer’s Memphis

July 1: On Being Alone and Singing at the Top of Your Lungs for a Month

June 28: One Special Purchase at the World’s Largest ‘As Seen on TV’ Superstore

June 26: In Search of Brad Paisley’s ‘Accidental Racist’ in Tampa

June 25: The Hollywood, Florida, Casino All-Nighter

June 21: Finding the True Heat Fans in the Bowels of AmericanAirlines Arena

June 19: A Night with 2 Chainz at Birthday Bash, Finally

June 18: Virginia’s Natural Bridge and the Wonders of Foamhenge

June 14: A Terrifying, Beautiful Day at the National Toy Hall of Fame

June 12: In Vermont With the Hitchhikers

June 11: The Great American Scavenger Hunt

June 11: Introduction

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