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Grantland’s 2013-14 NBA Season Preview

Our staff's exhaustive coverage of the most exciting year in hoops since last year

The Features

The Grantland Annual NBA League Pass Rankings, Part 1
By Bill Simmons and Zach Lowe
Part 1 of a not-in-any-way-obsessive exercise

The Grantland Annual NBA League Pass Rankings, Part 2
By Bill Simmons and Zach Lowe
Part 2 of a not-in-any-way-obsessive exercise

Brooklyn and Boston: After the Trade
By Amos Barshad
The beginning of a strange new season for Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo, and their respective teams

By Zach Lowe
Breaking down Miami’s quest for a third consecutive NBA title

Sportstorialist: New Jerseys!
By Wesley Morris
Phoenix and Golden State look mah-velous as the NBA unveils its updated 2013-14 uniforms

32 Bold Predictions for the NBA Season
By Zach Lowe
Who will be traded, what teams will surprise you, and more deeply trustworthy prophecies

Giant Steps
By Jonathan Abrams
How Pistons center Andre Drummond became the man

Extra Points
By Kirk Goldsberry
A new way to understand the NBA’s best scorers

The King’s Court
By Zach Lowe
Tanking teams! Contenders standing pat! Thoughtful roster tweaks! When evaluating the NBA’s new tiers of power, there is one constant: LeBron & Co. still reign

The NBA’s All-Intriguing Team
By Zach Lowe
Ten players with a lot on the line we’re eager to see this season

The Most Known Unknowns
By Zach Lowe
The NBA’s collective bargaining agreement creates a challenge for teams unsure of their young players — which means these six high-profile guys may be entering their make-or-break season

By Zach Lowe
Where the Trail Blazers’ refurbished — but not rebuilt — roster can take them in 2014

Charlotte’s Web
By Zach Lowe
Why the Bobcats aren’t tanking and still think they can win in the long run

The Mystery of Boogie
By Zach Lowe
A close look at DeMarcus Cousins, one of the NBA’s most frustrating talents

By Zach Lowe
Examining the tricky financial future in Oklahoma City and the inescapable legacy of the James Harden trades

The X-Files

Grantland examines key players — X factors — for contending teams in 2013-14.

The X-Files: Kawhi Leonard
By Zach Lowe
If the Spurs have a shot to make it back to the Finals, it will be because their most gifted young player takes the next step

Danny Chau: Jeremy Lamb
Kirk Goldsberry: Deron Williams
Andrew Sharp: Dwyane Wade
Robert Mays: Luol Deng
Chris Ryan: DeAndre Jordan
Shea Serrano: Jeremy Lin

The Triangle NBA All-Stars

Chris Ryan and Andrew Sharp present the Triangle NBA All-Stars, a way to celebrate the players the Triangle loves way too much.

From the Triangle

Andrew Sharp: Derrick Rose, Tanking, and Anarchy: Your Guide to the NBA in 2013-14
Zach Lowe: How the Spurs Attacked the Heat Last Year, and What Other Teams Can Learn From It
Andrew Sharp: Why the Wizards Trade Works
netw3rk: Chris Smith and the New York Knicks Conspiracy
Zach Lowe: A Tale of Two Big Men: Marcin Gortat on the Move, Andrew Bogut Sticking Around
Zach Lowe: Blow the Whistle: The NBA’s Precarious Officiating Issues
Zach Lowe: The Utah Plan: What Derrick Favors’s Extension Means for the Jazz
Zach Lowe: The Andrew Bogut Conundrum: What Will the Warriors Do With Their Center?
Zach Lowe: A Third-Rate Babylon: The Knicks’ Potential Problems This Year and Beyond
Andrew Sharp: An Emergency Lakers Update From Beijing
Kirk Goldsberry: Shooting Blanks: The Players With the Worst ShotScore
Zach Lowe: The Toronto Raptors Mascot Is Down, But Never Out: In Praise of a Great Performer
Grantland Channel and Danny Chau: Video: Jalen Rose Predicts Michael Jordan Will Return for One Game! Is That Even Possible!?
Andrew Sharp: The NBA Media Day Power Rankings
Zach Lowe: Oklahoma City Crossroads: How the Thunder Can Improve Without Russell Westbrook
Brett Koremenos: Is Hakeem Olajuwon’s Post-Up Play Training All It’s Cracked Up to Be?
Zach Lowe: The LARRY SANDERS! Show: What the Bucks Big Man Must Do to Justify His New Contract
Brett Koremenos: How Denver’s Old Dribble-Drive Offense Could Be the Perfect Fit for the Revamped Pelicans
Brett Koremenos: Can Brett Brown Bring Some San Antonio Magic to the Sixers?
Jared Dubin: Why the System, and Not Its Pieces, Will Determine the Clippers’ Defensive Success

Grantland’s NBA Warning

Rembert Browne: 1-Day NBA Warning: LeBron James and the Beauty of Winning
Chris Ryan: 4-Day NBA Warning: Don’t Mess With Texas
netw3rk: 5-Day NBA Warning: The Age of J.R. Smith
Steve McPherson: 6-Day NBA Warning: Let’s Hope Ricky Rubio Doesn’t Grow Up
Chris Ryan: 7-Day NBA Warning: All Mr. Softees Are on Notice
Andrew Sharp: 8-Day NBA Warning: It’s All About Giannis
Brett Koremenos: 11-Day NBA Warning: Inside Roy Hibbert’s Offseason Training
Danny Chau: 12-Day NBA Warning: The Most Valuable Gordon
Chris Ryan: 13-Day NBA Warning: Dwight Howard Is in Midseason Form
Jared Dubin: 14-Day NBA Warning: Shump! Shump!
Steve McPherson: 15-Day NBA Warning: Kevin Love’s Labor Lost
Andrew Sharp: 18-Day NBA Warning: Here Come the PELICANS
Sean Fennessey: 19-Day NBA Warning: Do You Believe in the Magic?
Andrew Sharp: 20-Day NBA Warning: Jesus Christ Has Come to Save the Pistons
Zach Lowe: 22-Day NBA Warning: The Eminently Rewindable Derrick Rose Is Back
Chris Ryan: 25-Day NBA Warning: Rondooooooooooooooo!
Chris Ryan: 26-Day NBA Warning: R.I.P., Lob City
netw3rk: 27-Day NBA Warning: Pau Gasol Is Nice
Chris Ryan: 28-Day NBA Warning: Say Hi to the Brooklyn Bad Guys
Andrew Sharp: 29-Day NBA Warning: Remixing the Raptors With All-Star Weekend and Drake
Juliet Litman: 32-Day NBA Warning: Chandler Parsons Is Chasing His Dream, Winning Your Heart
Chris Ryan: 33-Day NBA Warning: In One Press Conference, the Riggin’ for Wiggins Race Is a Wrap
Andrew Sharp: 34-Day NBA Warning: It’s Time for OKC to Get Angry
Rembert Browne: 35-Day NBA Warning: We Found the Greatest NBA Website on the Internet
Danny Chau: 36-Day NBA Warning: Tony Parker Finally Wears the Crown
Chris Ryan: 39-Day NBA Warning: The Glory of JaVale McGee DOT COM
Andrew Sharp: 40-Day NBA Warning: John and Jan and the Wizards Against the World
Andrew Sharp: 41-Day NBA Warning: Basketball YouTube Is Why the Internet Was Invented
Chris Ryan: 42-Day NBA Warning: Austin Rivers Has Nowhere to Go But Up
Andrew Sharp: 43-Day NBA Warning: When the Apocalypse Comes, Jordan Crawford Will Lead Us

Bill and Jalen’s NBA Preview

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