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30 for 30 Shorts: ‘From Harlem With Love’

Our latest film, from Matt Ogens, tells the story of the Harlem Globetrotters’ mission to Moscow to defuse international hostilities with their trademark levity

Welcome back to our 30 for 30 documentary short series.

Tensions between the USSR and the United States were high in 1959, with the seemingly constant threat of nuclear war. Then some unlikely ambassadors stepped forward to clear all that away: the Harlem Globetrotters. From Harlem With Love is the story of how a group of barnstorming basketball players traveled to the heart of the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War and bridged a cultural gap many thought would stand forever.

Untucked, directed by Danny Pudi »

The Deal, directed by Nick and Colin Barnicle »

Judging Jewell, directed by Adam Hootnick »

The Great Imposter, directed by Matt Dilmore »

The Schedule Makers, directed by Joseph Garner »

Collision Course, directed by Billy Corben »

Arthur & Johnnie, directed by Tate Donovan »

Wilt Chamberlain: Borscht Belt Bellhop, directed by Caroline Laskow and Ian Rosenberg »

Tommy and Frank, directed by Richie Keen »

Cutthroat, directed by Steven Cantor »

Silver Reunion, directed by Rory Karpf »

Holy Grail: The T206 Honus Wagner, directed by Nick and Colin Barnicle »

Disdain the Mundane, directed by Nelson George »

Ali: The Mission, directed by Amani Martin »

The Arnold Palmer, directed by Bryan Gordon »

Jake, directed by Jonathan Hock »

Arnold’s Blueprint, directed by Michael and Jeff Zimbalist »

Here Now, directed by Eric Drath »

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