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  • Kevin Hart

    Career Breakdown: Kevin Hart’s Long, Complicated, Hit-and-Miss-and-Hit-Again Path to Stardom

    On the poster for Think Like a Man, two things are evident: The movie is one of those romantic comedies starring an ensemble cast. Kevin Hart is the leader of the ensemble. Unlike the rest of the costars, who are all interacting with each other, Hart has his own little piece of real estate in […]

  • Why We’ll Miss Norfolk State

    After their oh-no-they-didn’t first-round upset of Missouri, the Norfolk State Spartans became the darlings of the NCAA tournament, one of two 15-seeds to oust a 2-seed in the Big Dance on Friday. (Lehigh also beat Duke that night.) It was heartbreaking to see them fall to the Florida Gators on Sunday, but it was particularly […]

  • Dysfunctional Friends

    Dysfunctional Friends: Evaluating Terrell Owens’ Acting Debut

    Terrell Owens is in a movie. The movie is called Dysfunctional Friends. Before we critique Terrell’s acting prowess, a few important facts about the film. What It’s About Jozen Cummings: After their very wealthy friend dies unexpectedly, a formerly tight-knit group of college buddies reunite at the funeral, only to learn each of them are […]