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  • Boras’s Binders: What Baseball’s In-House Analytics Revolution Means for MLB Agents’ Edge

    As MLB franchises have begun dedicating more resources to in-house analytics, the dynamic for marketplace negotiations has shifted. Few agencies are able to woo teams with stats that those teams don’t already possess, making Scott Boras and his considerable investment an exception in the industry. Today, only the largest and most financially robust agencies can afford to seek data that clubs don’t already possess. And even then, it’s not always enough.

  • Opposite Attracts: Appreciating Paul Goldschmidt’s Oppo-Field Prowess

    Before wielding the thundering stick that indiscriminately demolishes all sides of the baseball, including the oft-neglected inner half that generates the “oppo power” an opposing All-Star pitcher deems “ridiculous,” Paul Goldschmidt started small.

  • What’s Behind Baseball’s Right-Handed Power Decline?

    Don’t let this season’s home run leaderboard fool you: Baseball’s right-handed power has been steadily declining for years. What gives? Here are five factors that might help explain the dip.

  • The Myth of the First-Pitch Strike

    You know how people like to say that strike one is the best pitch in baseball? Well, they’re wrong. The best pitch for a pitcher is strike two, and the most important pitch is thrown on 1-1 counts.