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  • Grantland Features: ‘Knuckles vs. Numbers’

    Hockey’s advanced-analytics movement has called for the extinction of the enforcer. Our latest documentary feature looks at the fate of NHL brawlers, and their fight to remain a part of the sport.

  • Grantland Features: ‘Flying From Cancer’

    When Daniel Rodriguez was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, he decided to take to the skies and pursue his lifelong dream of BASE jumping, skydiving, and wingsuit flying.

  • Grantland Features: ‘Son of the Congo’ Trailer

    Serge Ibaka escaped the war-torn streets of the Congo and played his way to the top of the NBA. In ‘Son of the Congo,’ he returns to his native country, revisiting the empty lots where he slept and confronting the stark reality facing Congolese youth.