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  • Free Advice for Jeremy Lin

    Dan Klores is a Peabody Award-winning filmmaker and playwright and the founder of Dan Klores Communications. Here’s his take on Linsanity. Roy Hobbs has come to Broadway in the form of a sound and sweet basketball player named Jeremy Lin. So much has been written about the Harvard-educated point guard that even the one-woman dating […]

  • Mind Over Media: The WNBA Deserves Better

    There is some great basketball being played by gifted athletes right now. I’m not talking about the games at Rucker Park or in the lockout-free gyms of L.A., Houston or Philadelphia, where the likes of Melo and La La are speed-dialing their press agents following every neo-conversation … No, these contests are on live on […]

  • Alex Rodriguez

    Free Advice: Shut Up

    Totally unsolicited crisis-management tips for everyone from the NBA players to Alex Rodriguez. (No, we didn’t forget about you, Plaxico.)

  • Kobe Bryant

    Mind Over Media: Homophobia in Sports

    The opposing coach of the 13-year-old AAU boys basketball team screamed a homophobic slur at one of my players during a tense moment at the National Championships in Memphis a few weeks ago. The child from the Bronx, raised by his grandparents, was shaken and unnerved. After we won the game, a near brawl ensued […]

  • Kobe Bryant

    Mind Over Media: Homophobia in Sports

    Kobe, gay slurs, and our nation’s hopelessly permissive attitude toward hatred on the field.

  • LeBron James

    Mind Over Media: Shoot the Handlers

    What do LeBron James and Anthony Weiner have in common? They’ve been getting terrible advice.