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  • Miguel Cabrera’s Triple Crown Coronation

    Miguel Cabrera did not sneak onto the throne. He could have sat out Game 162 and saved himself the risk of undercutting his AL-topping numbers: .330 average, which led the MLB, 44 home runs, and 139 RBIs. With the AL Central title locked up, manager Jim Leyland said the decision to start against the Kansas […]

  • Deratu Tulu and Elana Meyer

    Long Run to Freedom

    No country knows the extent of the IOC’s power better than South Africa.

  • Brandon Inge Shall Be Released

    Brandon Inge has been released from the Tigers, and Detroit imploded. My god, has there ever been an average player who inspired so much deranged passion? Inge’s jerseys rival Justin Verlander’s in ubiquity. I am not kidding you. And yet he is booed mercilessly at Comerica Park. The sports radio call-in shows are unable to […]

  • Wanjiru

    The Mysterious Death of Sammy Wanjiru

    Before Sunday’s Chicago Marathon, a look at the life of a champion runner.

  • A League of Their Own

    Hollywood’s Lady All-Stars

    Title IX in the movies.

  • Jim Thome

    The Homecoming of Jim Thome

    Cleveland once wanted to build a statue of Jim Thome to entice to him to stay with the Indians. A statue! And to the team where he had spent 12 seasons, the slugger said no dice. Thome turned down a generous contract offer and the chance to stare at a bronze incarnation of himself, and […]

  • Tate Forcier

    A New Start for Tate Forcier

    It wasn’t the first time that Tate Forcier bewildered Michigan fans — but it still stopped their hearts.

  • Randy Moss

    Appreciating Randy Moss

    By now, Randy Moss’ stats have been trotted out, polished up, and put on display so we can drop our jaws once more. The retirement of the explosive wide receiver is our cue to crow about those 153 touchdowns and 14,858 yards, and that single-season record of 23 touchdown passes. Mere numbers, though, don’t paint […]

  • Cobb

    Ty Cobb as Detroit

    The darkest man in baseball and the city that still loves him.