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Only the Very Best Screenshots of Ben Mendelsohn Wearing the World’s Most Majestic Fur Coat in the New Western ‘Slow West’

The only person we’re interested in right now, after watching the trailer for ‘Slow West,’ is Ben Mendelsohn in his amazing fur coat.

We are big fans of Ben Mendelsohn in these parts. Michael Fassbender, too, obviously, and maybe even Kodi Smit-McPhee, if the wind is blowing just right and you catch us on a good day. But the only person we’re interested in right now, after watching the trailer for Slow West, is Ben Mendelsohn in his amazing fur coat. Check out the movie above if you’re curious, if the spirit moves you. That same spirit moves us to do nothing else but curate only the very best screenshots of Ben Mendelsohn luxuriating in that coat. Join us. This won’t take long. Promise.

Walking Through the Door Like a Guy Who Knows He’s Gonna Have the Best Fur Coat in the Room


The Best View of Ben Mendelsohn’s Fur Coat You’re Gonna Get


We Take It Back, This Is an Even Better Look, Foregrounded Against God’s Perfect, Endless Blue Sky


And Now Here’s Ben Mendelsohn, Kind of Disbelieving the Incredible Luck Involved in Getting to Wear His Fur Coat


Ben Mendelson Stalks His Prey Through the Woods, Like Whatever Once-Majestic Predator He’s Now Wearing for Warmth


Ben Mendelsohn and His Fur Coat Hug Michael Fassbender at Night


Ben Mendelsohn Fumbles for Something, Possibly Ammunition, Inside His Fur Coat During a Gunfight


Ben Mendelson Extends His Arm to Fire His Revolver, and Oh Sweet Lord in Fur Coat Heaven, Look at that Goddamn Sleeve, It’s Like an Entire Bear Is Coming at You, Packing Heat


That’s it. We’re done here.