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‘Key & Peele’ Made a Music Video to Pump You Up for Season 4

Also in the Afternoon Links: a teaser for HBO’s ‘Olive Kitteridge,’ a Terry Crews navigation app, and a free, downloadable U2 album via iTunes.

Jordan Peele’s Barack Obama and Keegan-Michael Key’s anger translator are coming back to Comedy Central for a fourth season, along with all their co-stars, in 15 days. Rather than just bouncing up and down excitedly in your chair, go ahead and watch this perfectly ’90s, wonderfully self-referential music video hyping the return.

U2’s new album, Songs of Innocence, is free on iTunes right now. (Also, if you wanna know about the iPhone 6 announcement and whatnot, and the jumbo iPhone 6 Plus, here ya go.)

The Leftovers’ Season 1 finale was watched by just 1.5 million viewers. People, what are you doing?

Drake sure knows how to hype an album. (His caption to this photo: “Drake Tears For Sale 2015.”)
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Robert Kirkman on The Walking Dead (the comic book, not the show): “I do know what I’m building toward, yes. … About a year or two ago, I finally nailed down exactly what I want the ending to be.”

Mel Brooks did an 11-fingered handprint for the Walk of Fame.

Here’s the first promo, a shortie, for HBO’s Olive Kitteridge. They’re showing the four-hour miniseries over two nights in November. (Initial reports say it’s excellent.)

Katy and Taylor are fighting.

Rapper Accents: An Investigation.

Fox is making a Minority Report follow-up series.

The Tonight Show as Family Feud, featuring Jason Segel and Steve Harvey.

Want a Terry Crews–voiced navigation app?

Or a borderline scientific visualization of every relationship and connection on Orange Is the New Black?

And check out No Cameras Allowed, MTV’s feature-length documentary about a guy illegally photographing festivals across America. [via]
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