The NHL Lockout, Lolo-gate, and the Etiquette of Music Festival Attendance

Cursed: Yinz and Losses in Pittsburgh

Kyle Stecker for Swimming vs. Gymnastics

The London Chronicles: The Sports Guy at the Summer Games

Bill Simmons hit the U.K. to tackle his first in-person Olympics

Bill Simmons saw (nearly) everything — gymnastics, swimming, handball, soccer, track and field, and, of course, Team USA basketball — in London. Relive the games with his columns.

The London Chronicles, Vol. 7: The Olympic Mega-Bag

The Sports Guy wraps up his trip to London with actual letters from actual readers.

The London Chronicles, Vol. 6: The Mailbag That Wasn’t

We interrupt the Olympic Games to bring you this shift of NBA power, courtesy of Dwight Howard and the Lakers.

The London Chronicles, Vol. 5: Olympic Hoopalooza

The Sports Guy abandons his pre-Olympics pledge and reports on all four of Wednesday’s matchups.

The London Chronicles, Vol. 4: Great Britain Lives Up to Its Name

Everything, even the weather, fell into place during the greatest weekend in U.K. sports history.

The London Chronicles, Vol. 3: Swimming vs. Gymnastics

Every four years, two iconic sports attempt to captivate our lives — but which one has the edge?

The London Chronicles, Vol. 2: Handball! (Handball?) Handball!

When everything at the Olympics is a long walk away, you tend to find yourself sucked into whatever sport is next to you.

The London Chronicles, Vol. 1: The 10th Checkpoint

It’s a trip four decades in the making, but the Sports Guy finally finds himself at the Summer Olympics.

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