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Sports Guy’s 2012 NBA Playoffs Archive

Anything and everything from Bill Simmons and the 2012 NBA playoffs

From the fall of Derrick Rose in Chicago-Philadelphia to the era-changing takedown in Lakers-Thunder to the last game of the NBA Finals, here’s anything and everything Bill Simmons had to say on the 2012 NBA playoffs.


LeBron Makes LeLeap
Sitting in awe courtside while King James finally figured it all out.

‘That Boy Competed
The only thing stopping the Russell Westbrook Show is the LeBron James Finale.

The Mandatory NBA Finals Power Rankings
It’s time to whip out the measuring stick for an increasingly fascinating series.

Thunder Family Values
Yes, the Sonics divorced Seattle, but you can’t blame Oklahoma City for picking up the pieces.

The Consequences of Caring
From his daughter’s passion for the Cup-less Kings to his own for the aged Celtics, Bill Simmons gets a refresher course in disappointment.

The Spurs-Zombies Retro Diary
You have to love a game where either a legendary series would be born or San Antonio would continue an epic run.

The Playoff Eclipse Chronicles
The Sports Guy lived to tell the tale of six playoff games in 75 hours, with a street-closing bike race thrown in for good measure.

The NBA’s Award-Winning Playoffs
Scoring is down and the games are ugly, but that isn’t stopping the Sports Guy from handing out a few honors.

The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth
After Paul Pierce single-handedly won Game 2 of the Atlanta series, a friend of mine e-mailed, “Has there ever been anyone quite like Pierce?”

The New Clipper Nation
The talents of Chris Paul and his young guns are quickly shedding decades of laughingstock baggage.

The Footnote Title
The Sports Guy ranks the 20 most fortunate breaks an NBA champion ever received.

NBA Playoffs Preview
The Sports Guy’s most interesting story lines of the postseason.

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