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  • We Went There: USA-Mexico at the Rose Bowl

    Here’s why it was worth it to drive from Florida to Southern California to watch the USA lose to Mexico, 3-2.

  • Taking the Heat

    Two recent cases of the Miami Heat being targeted by con men show that South Florida’s sports franchises aren’t immune to the city’s hustler culture — they’re part of it.

  • ¡Ay, Chihuahuas!

    The city of El Paso buys into the modern game — Triple-A ball, that is — for modern reasons.

  • The Bridge - courtesy of FX Network

    Burning The Bridge

    As Season 1 of the FX series winds down, an author who lived in Ciudad Juárez takes issue with the show’s portrayal of the border.

  • Dribbling Man

    Dribbling Man

    In exactly one year, the 2014 World Cup kicks off in Brazil. Richard Swanson died last month while trying to walk from Seattle to São Paulo in time for the first match. How far did he want to “break away”?

  • Juarez

    Vamos Indios!

    The soccer-playing heroes of the notoriously violent Ciudad Juarez.