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  • Comedy As Coping Mechanism: Remembering Joan Rivers

    In one of the most riveting scenes in the documentary Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, Rivers is attacked by a heckler during a show in Wisconsin. “I hate children,” the comedian jokes. “The only child I think I would have liked ever was Helen Keller because she didn’t talk.” “Not very funny!” shouts the male voice. […]

  • Hollywood Archaeology: The TV Show Tonya Harding Kneecapped

    Twenty years ago, Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan took to the ice in the women’s figure skating short program at the 1994 Winter Olympics. High-stakes sporting events always carry suspense, but this had drama beyond a network executive’s wildest imagination.

  • Larry Bird

    The Best Sports Section in History

    Memories of being a 10th man in the heyday of the Boston Globe.