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  • Clown E-mail, Bro: JackO and House on Yankees-Nats

    This weekend, the Yankees and Nationals did battle in Washington, D.C., in a three-game series. Whose correspondence on the duel would we most like to read? Frequent B.S. Report guests and friends of the Triangle John “JackO” O’Connell and Joe House, that’s who! We asked JackO and House to go back-and-forth about the series, the […]

  • Yankees E-mail Swap!

    Science still hasn’t developed a way to stab someone over e-mail, so last Sunday, Bill Simmons did the next best thing: “I’d like to get the band back together,” he wrote, and I felt an immediate, sharp pain in my gut. “The band” was me and his friend JackO. We’re both Yankees fans, and Simmons […]

  • Why UConn Will Not Repeat as National Champion

    All week long, you’ve read articles written by homers to explain why their beloved college hoops team is going to win the 2011 NCAA championship. I’m going to go in a different direction. As an anti-homer (I believe I just coined that term), I’m going to explain why UConn will NOT repeat as champ this […]

  • In Which Two Yankees Fans Completely Unravel Over E-Mail

    The e-mail from Grantland Editor in Chief Bill Simmons came Wednesday at 3:53 p.m. “Shane- meet my friend JackO,” it said. “I want you to exchange e-mails after Game 5. It will be funny.” Funny, sure, but funny for who? It felt like a setup from the word go. But what could we do? I […]