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  • We Went There: Jarvis Cocker Judges a Pulp Karaoke Contest in New York

    Whenever someone does Pulp at karaoke, it tends to drag on. I’ve seen it happen multiple times. What makes Pulp songs unfit for karaoke is the same thing that makes them great. They tend to be more complex (and longer) than you’d expect, and in the end, they really only belong to Jarvis Cocker.

  • Tom Scharpling

    The Last Best Show: Talking to Tom Scharpling the Morning After His ‘Best Show on WFMU’ Finale

    “The Best Show on WFMU,” the beloved cult comedy radio show, ended its 13-year run last night. The show has been eulogized, summarized, and canonized over the past few weeks, and host Tom Scharpling’s faithful legion of fans have shown an outpouring of love over social media. Newcomers to Tom’s weird and wonderful radio universe […]