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The Ultimate, Most Decadent Gift for the High-Class Phillies Fan in Your Life

2011 NL EAST Champions Phillies Champagne Bottle Used in Clubhouse Celebration – $129.99 (eBay)

Honestly, as far as Phillies Champagne vintages go, 2011 was a pretty decent year. The grapes aren’t as good as the ones they used in 1998, which were far and away the best of the last 20 years. Most experts say that the best non-dry is the Padres 1988, if you’re talking since the turn of the century, anything Mariners 2003 to 2007 is probably your best bet. Most likely, the best value play is, surprisingly, a Rockies 2008, so if you can find one of those, pick it up. It’s a brut extra, but you definitely won’t regret it.

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