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Buy This to Quickly Disperse of Any Fiscal Credibility

Vintage HUGE Liberty Bell from Angels Baseball Stadium Memorabilia Collectible — $20,000

Now we’re f-ing talking. This thing is more than 11 feet tall and is made of fiberglass and steel. STEEL. The only thing that makes me skeptical about how much someone could actually enjoy being the owner of this gigantic non-functional bell is the seller’s (sort of desperate) description:

    This Liberty Bell was taken from the Angels Stadium in Los Angeles about 5 years ago but is estimated to be 10-20 years old…This is the ultimate baseball stadium collectors item and will only grow in value as the years go by. Perfect for stadium seating collectors too. It’s original costs were estimated to be $20-25k. When I transported this home it literally stopped traffic. This item is located in San Diego so please be ready to pick up with a flatbed trailer. I may be able to deliver for a substantial fee. Email me with all questions….reasonable offers considered.

“Reasonable offers considered.” AKA: “I seriously need to get rid of this bell, my wife is really pissed I spent upwards of $20,000 of our money on a gigantic non-functional bell.”

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