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  • The Bill Barnwell Show: Eagles dominant win over Cowboys, Goodell & owners drama

    Bill Barnwell recaps the Eagles’ impressive win over the Cowboys on SNF with Sheil Kapadia. Then, Seth Wickersham joins to dive into the drama between NFL owners and Roger Goodell.

  • Cheap Heat: Survivor Series Instant Reaction!

    Peter Rosenberg, live from Houston, and SGG jump on the line to do a quick recap of the night that was Survivor Series!

  • Jalen Rose and David Jacoby talk Wardell’s new haircut, Un-Popular opinions, James Harden’s MVP season, Steelers rolling Titans on TNF, plus we answer your Twitter and VM’s!!!

  • The Lowe Post: Celtics-Warriors, Cavs' issues, top of the East, Nuggets

    Zach talks to Howard Beck of Bleacher Report on Celtics-Warriors, the Cavs’ issues, the top of the East, the Nuggets and more.

  • Lowe Post: Ingles On Journey, Hayward, More

    Zach talks to Utah’s Joe Ingles about his one-in-a-million path, Gordon Hayward leaving, American foibles, Quin Snyder’s midnight texts, Dante Exum hero worship and more.

  • Jalen Rose and David Jacoby talk dominant Joel Embiid and the Sixers, Cavalier handshakes, KD’s burner, The Rock vs Jalen Rose, plus more Twitter and VM’s!!!

  • The Bill Barnwell Show: Tyrod news, "Head Coach Draft", Rams-Vikings, Cowboys-Eagles previews

    Bill and Dan Graziano share their thoughts on the Bills benching Tyrod Taylor and preview Rams-Vikings and Cowboys-Eagles. Plus, they do a “Head Coach Draft” based on job security going into next season.

  • Jalen Rose and David Jacoby talk the keys to Boston’s success, LeBron’s next move, more Soft Moves vs Boss Moves, plus Ben Detrick joins the show talking all things Philly.

  • Cheap Heat: Smackdown, race to Survivor Series, Goldberg

    As we race towards a stacked Survivor Series, the boys break down a big Smackdown and hear from Big Goldberg to talk about his new documentary on the WWE Network.

  • Goldberg: 'I put myself through hell trying to be the best'

    In light of the recently released film “Goldberg 24” from the WWE Network, wrestler Bill Goldberg takes a look back at his career with Peter Rosenberg, including being a perfectionist, keeping his spirits high through hard times, his emotional goodbye from the ring and much more.

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