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New ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Trailer: Ghost-Riding the Dinobot

Prime mounts a massive Dinobot and wields a sword so sweet it could hang with a lightsaber.

The objective of the first Transformers: Age of Extinction trailer was to demonstrate Optimus Prime’s ability to whomp a giant Dinobot across its awesome face. Now we’re getting a little further along in cinema’s greatest frenemyship, as Prime winds up RIDING THE DINOBOT and wielding a sword so sweet it could almost hang with a lightsaber. That’s the whole point of this second trailer: the Dinobot riding. That’s it. If you don’t have time for or interest in another two minutes and 30 seconds of Transformers in your peaceful, productive life, just hit the two-minute mark and watch the next 20 seconds maybe 20 times in a row. That’ll be fun even for Michael Bay’s most passionate enemies.

The clip also takes a second to explain the plot a little (humans have been hunting Transformers, but now something bigger is coming to lay that titular extinction on us and everything else) and reminds us about all the things the original trailer presented: Mark Wahlberg as a Texan, general Americana, Stanley Tucci, a boat falling from the sky, the girl from Bates Motel, one of the mystical late-season dudes from Lost, destructible cities, and shape-shifting vehicle-heroes. You’re either in or you’re out, but you can safely enjoy the Dinobot ride either way.