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Exactly How ‘Garden State’–y Is Zach Braff’s ‘Wish I Was Here’ Trailer?

‘Wish I Was Here’ will be ‘Garden State 2’ or it’ll be a different movie. In either case, it makes sense that the trailer echoes the original the other movie an average of once every 9.4 seconds. Here’s every example side by side.

Wish I Was Here will be Garden State 2 or it’ll be a different movie. In either case, it makes sense that the trailer echoes the original the other movie an average of once every 9.4 seconds. It’s something for everyone: Haters of Zach Braff and Garden State get to say, Ugh, I can’t believe he’s still doing his same [insert negative adjective] thing AND he got 46,520 people to donate $3.1 million to help him do that, and lovers of Braff and Garden State get to go, Yes! He’s still doing his same [insert positive adjective] thing, and I’m so happy I/one of my fellow Braffians donated to that controversial Kickstarter campaign!

“I wrote Garden State about a time in my life when I was feeling overwhelmed and lost in my twenties,” Braff said in his Kickstarter pitch video. “I guess you could say Wish I Was Here is about the next chapter of your life, in your thirties. Not a sequel in story, but it’s a continuation of the tone.” (Except for the side story about sci-fi vision quests. That’s a different tone.) With that in mind, here are the 16 immediate Garden State reminders in the Wish I Was Here trailer, side by side.

A Reflection on the Pricelessness of Being Unique

A Swimming Pool

A Narrow Abode Adjacent to a Natural Vastness

A Waiting Room

A Trip to the Store

A Reckoning With/Caring for an Ailing/Reeling Papa Subplot

… With the Papa Played by a Familiar Character Actor of a Certain Age

A Jumping-Into-the-Swimming-Pool Part

A Fireside Part

A Jim Parsons

A Yelling Part

A Ride

Period Costumery

A Bird’s-Eye Shot of Two People Lying Down

A Big Character Development Moment Involving Water

Three Humans Staring Into the GREAT BEYOND

And, of Course, the Shins