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‘A Walk Among the Tombstones’ Trailer: People Won’t Stop Pissing Off Liam Neeson

Why would anyone kidnap someone when Liam Neeson is in the world?

Bad guys just don’t get it: Don’t screw with the Neesons. It’s happening like twice a year at this point! This time Neeson is after the guys who kidnapped and murdered another man’s wife, since kidnapping women is the no. 1 transgression in the Book of Neesons. From director Scott Frank — who wrote and directed The Lookout and penned Minority Report, The Wolverine, and Get ShortyA Walk Among the Tombstones looks a little eerier than Taken and its cousins. Guess we’ll find out in September … or sooner, if anyone’s free to read the Lawrence Block novel it’s based on. In the meantime: Let’s imagine a film in which Liam Neeson violently takes people to task over the treatment of his beloved Central Park carriage horses. (Oh, and maybe another Key & Peele sketch, one tagged to this movie?)