LeBron buries Cleveland in return

Book of Basketball: 2010 tour

Winners, losers and Week 13 picks

As always … home team in caps.

Jaguars (+3) over TITANS
Not even Gus Johnson can save a game that features the phrase “… hoping an injured Kerry Collins can play.”

CHIEFS (-9) over Broncos
The No Handshake Bowl II. And there won’t be a III.

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Bears (-5) over LIONS
Drew Stanton? Drew Stanton.

BUCS (+3) over Falcons
Come on, the Falcons can’t possibly finish 14-2 … right?

Saints (-7) over BENGALS
Ten days rest for the Saints, 10 days for the Bengals to think about how much life sucks.

DOLPHINS (-5) over Browns
Even the mere chance of Jake Delhomme playing swayed my pick.

Bills (+5.5) over VIKINGS
The last time Ryan Fitzpatrick failed to cover a spread, AMC was still two weeks from launching my favorite new show of 2010, “The Walking Dead.” I can’t wait for Sunday’s season finale: when the zombies steal Seattle’s basketball team and bring it to Oklahoma City.

GIANTS (-7) over Redskins
PACKERS (-9.5) over 49ers

Dueling blowouts.

Rams (-3.5) over CARDINALS
I’m telling you right now what I do every single week! Every single week, I put my heart and soul into this! These picks aren’t funny to me! I don’t want to go out there on ESPN.com and get embarrassed! OK! ALL RIGHT!

CHARGERS (-13) over Raiders
Revenge Beating > Trap Game.

Cowboys (+5.5) over COLTS
Panthers (+6) over SEAHAWKS

Both of these lines are two points too high.

Steelers (+3) over RAVENS
Just a gut feeling.

PATRIOTS (-3.5) over Jets
I’ve always liked Uggs!

This Week: 0-1
Last Week: 11-5
Season: 96-75-5

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