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Story Time With Jalen Rose: Jalen Ditches a Taxi in Europe

How did Jalen handle losing the national championship game? He went to Europe, lost all his money in a casino, and had some trouble getting home.

The recent NCAA finals loss to Louisville is going to be hard on the resilient Michigan Wolverines — we hope they handle it well. In this episode of Story Time With Jalen Rose, Jalen describes how the 1992 Michigan team handled losing the championship game: They went to Europe, lost their money in a casino, and got caught ditching a cab on the way home. Let’s hope this year’s Wolverines don’t repeat history.

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Jalen Rose is an ESPN/ABC analyst and executive producer of Fab Five, the highest-rated documentary in ESPN history. Keep up with him at JalenRose.com and JRLADetroit.com.

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