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  • We Went There: Hawks-Kings With Atlanta’s 6th Man Section

    What is the 6th Man? It’s an island of weirdness and joy in Philips Arena, shouting all game for a team that’s never won a thing. Other people in the arena stare because the 6th Man is constantly making noise. Jumping in unison to get on the JumboTron. Shaking the bleachers. People put down their food and look to see where the ruckus is coming from.

  • A ‘Scumbag’ Story

    Kyle Kinane is the cult hero of stand-up comedy.

  • Let Me Live That Fantasy

    The reason “Royals (‘Sad Clown With the Golden Voice’ Version)” was shared by millions on YouTube and so beloved at the end of 2013 — the best cover of the year — was: Whenever he sang, the fear vanished, the awkwardness and the strangeness replaced by awe, because even though a lot of people are scared of scary clowns, no one is scared of someone who can sing.