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Will Golfers Survive The Apocalypse?

Office Workers

Don’t worry. Some guy named Slugger White is on the case.

Via the Kansas City Star:

PGA playoffs endure earthquake, possible hurricane

“We’re keeping an eye on the situation and looking at numerous options,” Slugger White, the Tour’s vice president for rules and competition, said in a statement. “But there won’t be a decision made on changing or moving tee times until Friday, when we have a better idea of what the storm will do.”

In an instance when our brightest shining PGA stars’ lives are at risk because of various natural disasters, nothing instills more confidence in us than having a person named Slugger in control of logistics. In fact, there are very few situations where we wouldn’t trust a Slugger with our lives. That being said, we reserve the right to remove said trust in the happenstance that Slugger is not the name on his birth certificate and is just some bullshit nickname from college.

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