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The Trenches NFL Podcast: Robert Mays and Ephraim Salaam

Chuck StrongAfter hearing the news about Tyron Smith and his family issues, I talked to Ephraim about the financial and personal strain family can be for young players entering the league. From there, we discussed Chuck Pagano’s moving postgame speech, the most affecting locker-room speech Ephraim ever got, and the different kinds of relationships players have with their coaches. Because we’re only capable of being mature adults for so long, the conversation than devolved into sophomoric double entendres about Charles Tillman’s ball-punching and an argument about the notion of being “overrated” in the NFL. Finally, Ephraim picks out a few players he’s been most impressed with halfway through the season.

Listen to this podcast here.

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The Trenches: Robert Mays and Ephraim Salaam
The Trenches: Robert Mays and Ephraim Salaam