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The 1st Annual Grantland Halloween Costume Contest

Here at Grantland, we love the following things: shenanigans; debauchery; costumes; fun; Skittles; TP-ing your house. So this year, we’re going all-in on All Hallows Eve.

It’s time for the First Annual Grantland Halloween Costume Contest!

Because, really, Halloween is the best of the holidays, as long as you don’t count Christmas, Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July, and Flag Day. So dress up like the Busch Stadium Rally Squirrel! Make your dog wear a baseball jersey! Or go to a kegger as the Ghost of Big East Past! Wow, I literally just came up with that last one. Just try to top it.

Here’s how this will work: This week/this weekend, send us pictures, a short description of your costume, and your location, and we’ll enter you in the game. (e-mail address:, subject line: Grantland Costume Contest!) Early next week, the best entries will be featured here, on The Triangle. We’ll vote on a winner (I guess), who will (maybe) be awarded a bag of Famous Amos cookies from the Official Grantland Snack Cabinet as a prize. Bonus points for puppies dressed like hockey players, solid NBA lockout-concept costumes, and girls who find ways to dress like an athlete and not look like a slut. Demerits for Al Davis costumes. Too soon.

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