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Men in Blazers: Special Guest Tim Howard

Tim Howard

American soccer fans battling the Black Dog after last night’s eye-acher against Canada can find solace in the one thing our nation does astonishingly — producing a pipeline of the world’s finest follicularly challenged goalkeepers. In this week’s pod, the Men in Blazers sit down with USMNT and Everton’s Tim Howard for an expansive interview. The New Jersey native reflects on the American style of goalkeeping, shares how he first journeyed to England via Manchester United, and pegs Fabian Johnson as a young Von Trapp to watch. His confidence will be the perfect remedy on this day of midwinter discontent.

On happier matters, Michael and Roger mourn the passing of Lady Sybil and delve deep into the resurgence of their beloved FA Cup as the likes of Brentford, Luton, Oldham, and Leeds finally have their day of glory on the pod.

Listen to this podcast here.

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