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Jonah Keri Podcast: Rob Neyer, Tommy Rancel, and Scott Lucas

Nelson Cruz

It’s October! Time for a fresh batch of MLB playoff-themed podcasts.

First, SB Nation’s Rob Neyer joins Jonah Keri to discuss the Rangers’ decision to activate Nelson Cruz, and the pluses and minuses of Texas manager Ron Washington. We then cover the AL and NL playoffs (Neyer likes the Red Sox and Dodgers) and MLB awards. How should voters wield (or downplay) the Wins Above Replacement stat when deciding on MVP, Cy Young, and Rookie of the Year? We get into that too.

Then, Tommy Rancel of The Process Report and Gammons Daily discusses the Rays’ chances in the postseason.

Finally, Scott Lucas of The Newberg Report sizes up the Rangers’ chances (we recorded this before Monday night’s tiebreaker game — Lucas did pick the Rays to win).

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