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Jonah Keri Podcast: Manny Acta and Gabe Kapler

Manny Acta

It’s Insider Week on the Jonah Keri Podcast. First, former Nationals and Indians manager and current Baseball Tonight contributor Manny Acta walks us through the decisions he faced as a major league skipper. Can teams rethink the way they build and use their relievers? When’s a good time to take a stand on batting order, and when should you let it go? What kind of responsibilities do managers have that might not be obvious to those outside the clubhouse? We get into all that and more.

Then, 12-year major league veteran and current Fox Sports 1 contributor Gabe Kapler stops by. Kapler walks us through why players need to become reeducated in meaningful statistics, why and how teams should change the way they approach batting practice, and why makeup is vital to a player’s success. We then delve into Kapler’s excellent column on PEDs, and the tough choices players face when deciding whether to cross the line.

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