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Joe Flacco’s 2010 Pizza Hut Ad Probably Means He Will Never Win a Super Bowl

Ah, of course. Flacco’s Favorite. Granted, this is from a couple of years ago, and I wouldn’t necessarily like all the choices I made in 2010 used against me. But I’m not Joe “Pretty” Flacco, and I’m not trying to lead the Ravens to the promised land (though I am available, and I know how to shout “hot route,” so holler at me, Harbaugh). Pop quiz: Can anyone who has ever worn a Pizza Hut jersey win the Lombardi Trophy?

Thanks to Jon, from Annapolis, who sent this our way. He had the pretty decent theory that “Flacco’s Favorite” is actually a good term for a momentum-swinging fumble during a crucial game. That could catch on. Hut hut.