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It’s Dark Times for the NBA, But Comedians Tim Duncan, Dwyane Wade, and Michael Beasley Are Here to Save Us

Ah, the coldest winter. We’ve had a couple of days of no good, very bad, terrible news coming out of the NBA (D-Rose, Marc Gasol, Iggy, Beal injuries). So give thanks that we have guys like Dwyane Wade, Michael Beasley, and Tim Duncan for livening up the mood while franchise cornerstones fall, Derrick Williams moves to Sacramento, and O.J. Mayo puts up minus-20 plus/minus nights.

Now, when you think of Duncan, Wade, and Beasley, you probably don’t think comedy. I personally think of ill-fitting button-up shirts, dirty plays, and weed. But after last night, all that is changing.

First, we had Beasley discovering that some people out there have siblings WHO LOOK JUST LIKE EACH OTHER. WHAT!?

(via SBNation)

Beas looks like a toddler who just saw Thomas the Tank Engine for the first time. YOU DUDES LOOK A LOT ALIKE!

The Heat LOLs didn’t stop there. After the game, which the Heat won by 15 (duh), LeBron James was being interviewed. Pretty typical postgame stuff. Then all of a sudden, Dwyane Wade Nadia Comaneci is right across the screen, doing a cartwheel behind LeBron:

(via FTW)

Lest you think all the hilarity was confined to South Beach, don’t forget about those noted improv comedians, the San Antonio Spurs. Check out Duncan blowing up Spurs color commentator Sean Elliott’s spot:

(via Reddit)

Is that really funny? No. But by Tim Duncan standards, it’s basically the first few minutes of Wedding Crashers.

I’m glad to see all these guys going to the school of Bosh.

It’s tough times. Let’s be thankful for our NBA comedians.