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Is Tebowing the New Planking?


Because what planking needed was a bit more Tim Tebow. Behold the newish trend/meme/party trick: Tebowing. Pretty simple premise: You get down on one knee, put your clenched fist to your forehead in prayer (or something), close your eyes, and think of Tebow. The Tebowing site features some great examples of people Tebowing at a bow hunting shop (what?), in front of a city skyline, and Tebowing while reenacting the cover to the Beatles’ Abbey Road album.

Special thanks to Friend of Grantland Rob Bibelhauser, who let us use the photo above. We’d love to see some more examples of Tebowing in exotic and mundane places, so by all means, send ’em our way. It’ll be pretty hard to beat Toddler Tebowing, though.

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