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Here’s 70 Years of Basketball History in One Graphic

Lakers Karl Malone over Isiah. Holy #$%!.

While we wait for the NBA Finals to settle things between Steph and LeBron, we’d might as well pass the time arguing about the past 70 years of the NBA. Endless arguments are what make basketball great. To that end, the Mitchell & Ness graphic below is a great start.

mitchell-634x773Mitchell and Ness

And here were my 10 reactions, in order, after I saw this come across my Twitter timeline Monday night and stared at it for 15 minutes:

1. Celtics Shaq over Sheed on the Pistons? Are you serious?1


It’s as if the championship belt never even happened.

2. You can’t put LeBron over Russell, you can’t put LeBron over Jordan, but come on, you gotta put him somewhere on the list.2


It feels more wrong to not have LeBron anywhere than it would feel to have two 23s.

3. People are going to say Wade or CP3 belongs over Iverson, and I hate these people already.3


Get out of my America.

4. How many times is Ron Artest on this list?4


Four. One better than Rodman (no. 91, 73, and 70). Remember when Mavericks Rodman was living in Mark Cuban’s guest house? Remember when Lakers Ron Artest changed his number to honor Michael Jackson? Remember Ron Artest’s tribute single to MJ?

5. Lakers Karl Malone over Isiah. Holy shit.5


Did Michael Jordan make this list?



Bill Simmons did not make this list.

7. Ohhhhhhhhh, I get it. They’re saying best players overall. It’s not specific to what number they were wearing at the time. That explains Shaq over Sheed. It does not explain Malone and Kareem over Bird and Isiah.7


For real. This is blasphemy. Put Larry in there next to Magic. Do it right now.

8. Vlad Radmanovic!8


Francisco Elson!

9. Totally forgot Baron Davis was on the Knicks, totally forgot he wore no. 85, but, man, what a perfect way to tell the whole world he was done caring.9


Mitchell & Ness needs to make this into a poster so I can buy it immediately.

10. No matter what, Scot Pollard has a spot in history forever.10


I love this game.

(H/T: Slam Online)