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Grantland Network Podcast: The Jalen Rose Show

Rapper Snoop Dogg Every week, The Jalen Rose Show is more fun to record. When Jalen first got to the studio this week, our intern (shout-out to Jovan) handed him the video clip of the Tupac hologram at Coachella. He lost his mind. He wasn’t himself for 10 minutes — we had to delay the recording of the pod because his mind was so blown. When he regrouped, we pushed record and dove into the following topics:

  • Tupac resurrected, and which rappers should be next
  • The Heat’s bench (or lack thereof)
  • The Knicks’ need for Amar’e to return
  • The squashing of Mobb Deep’s Twitter beef
  • The squashing of Jalen and Skip’s First Take beef
  • The Celtics making one last run at a chip
  • Coach Kobe Bryant
  • What happened with Lamar Odom in Dallas
  • NBA playoff picks

We continued our strike against NFL topics. Don’t worry, we will dive deep into the NFL, just not in April. Enjoy, and check back every Monday for The Jalen Rose Show.

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