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Grantland Network Podcast: Jonah Keri With Steve Berthiaume

Felix DoubrontThe Jonah Keri Podcast returns for a new season, welcoming in Baseball Tonight anchor Steve Berthiaume. We start our trip around the league with a look at the star-studded Tigers. We then tackle the Angels (like ’em), Diamondbacks (love ’em), the likely-to-be-competitive NL Central, and the likely-to-be-chaotic NL East. A rational AL East conversation then devolves into chaos as Berthiaume predicts doom for the Red Sox, while I try to counter with praise for Felix Doubront and Daniel Bard.

All that, plus a series of Tim Kurkjian imitations and tributes that turns into a full-on Bill Brasky-fest.

Listen to Thursday’s podcast here: Podcenter

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